Ok! Dolman Sleeved Top

Ok! Dolman Sleeved Top


There is a subtle elegance to the African beauty that defies classification. 

Sometimes, we are struck by another’s physical symmetry that is so elegant and so authentic we must rely on the words of others which is why we’ve created this sweet shirt that captures an Igbo phrase of admiration. 

Nne Idi Ok!

Three simple, short words yet so empowering.   In so many ways it is saying, Lady...you are enough, you have what it takes, You rock!

With a silhouette of a hand giving the A-OK signal, this shirt is a testament to the beauty of the woman who walks with a gait full of grace and is the epitome of beauty not only for her looks but for her personality. 

The purchase of this listing is for one T-shirt with the following specifications: 

Quote:  Nne Idi Ok

Sizes:  View Size & Color Chart

Unless otherwise stated, this listing is for the DOLMAN sleeve style.


Style:  Ladies

Print color:  Tan or Gold text

Offered in an irresistible color palette that complements our Nne Idi Ok! design.

Fabric: Soft to touch.  Retains shape, print and comfortable feel even after several washes. 

Suggested care instructions in FAQ section.


A little smile will tug on your lips each time you put this shirt on because it will remind you that your beauty shines forth like the sunshine. 

You are the summation of your smile, your laughter, your curves, your grace, and your confidence only grows stronger with each passing day.





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